TN is intended to support the North American Free Trade Agreement and includes citizens of Canada and Mexico from a qualified profession. The TN visa allows qualified citizens of Canada and Mexico to seek temporary entry into the United States to engage in business activities at a professional level.


You will be required to provide a letter from your prospective employer with a job that matches the qualifications you possess and the description of valid professions. We recommend you to seek a consultation to help you make sure your job offer and your qualification are in accordance with the NAFTA requirements for each profession.




Although Mexican and Canadian citizens qualify for TN visas, the time and process necessary to obtain the visa varies depending on your country of origin. Our office will be happy to advise you about the specific procedure you will encounter based on your country of origin.


In order to qualify for TN Visa, the following four basic qualifications must be met:

  • You must be a citizen of Canada or Mexico.
  • The job position must require a NAFTA professional
  • You must have the qualifications to practice the profession.
  • You have a pre-arrange full-time or part- time job with a U.S. employer.


As a result, the TN visa cannot be used for persons seeking to enter the U.S. for purposes of self-employment. Furthermore, the business activity may not be performed for a company in the U.S. of which a Canadian or Mexican citizen is the sole or controlling shareholder or owner.


Here at the Law Office of Anuj A. Shah we can help you apply meeting the highest USCIS documentation standards.


Professionals who are eligible to receive a TN visa include among other;


  • accountants
  • engineers
  • lawyers
  • pharmacist
  • scientists
  • teachers